Become a Voxbit Reseller

Opportunity for Managed Service Providers to grow their product portfolio.

Add value-added services to enhance current service positioning within a highly available, secure environment.

Full Diagnostics

Full suite of diagnostic tools for the LAN and all router hops to the DC

High Availability

Distributed across multiple data centre

Set-up in Minutes

SaaS product with easy provisioning tools. No telecoms knowledge needed.

User Friendly Interface

Simply for IT companies to create, build and deploy fully functional phone systems

BT Openreach Integration

Supplying phone lines and telephone numbers when required

Advanced Integrated Security

Real Time Credit Balance

Should call costs exceed a pre-agreed balance, the system will shut down. Providing a safety net against fraudulent activity

IP Whitelists

One of the most effective methods of ensuring protection from unauthorised users

Exception Reports

Flags deviation from established call patterns to identify if calls are related to fraudulent activity.

Two Factor Authentication

An extra layer of security, designed to ensure that you’re the only person who can access your account, even of someone knows your password.

Monitor Call Performance in Real Time

Details of every call captured, providing trace and immediate call diagnostic information.



A phone system is only as good as the network it operates on. See our knowledge base for some suggested LAN architectures. If you use our products we can help you test your network to see how it will deliver a high quality voice solution.