The team in Voxbit

have been developing in the VoIP space over the last 12 years. As the technologies evolve we find new insights into how they can be adapted or amended for communications. We develop these into products and services that we sell through our network of resellers and directly on the Web. Check out www.byphone.co.uk which is a synthesis of three different research projects.

The power of simple.

byphone is a phone system that improves the way your business works. Conflicts between DC's are avoided using consensus Protocols.

Drag & Drop.

Using drag and drop technology to control call ring strategies (use the demo code from web site)

Pub Sub.

Using PubSub messaging to drive a farm of stateless call servers

Sound Quality.

Using sound comparison engines to automate quality testing for VoIP calls over broadband connections

Real time billing.

Real time billing engines with credit limits and customer profiles to recognize and limit telephone fraud


Creating real-time load-balancing and fail-over of multi-tenant, geographically distributed phone systems

DNS and BGP.

Automating service orchestration and monitoring to manage public DNS and BGP records. This allows automated rerouting and balancing of calls between customer premises and our multiple POPs

Better analysis.

Using browser based graphing to allow customers to simplify analysis of their call handling.